Sunday, August 29, 2010

Womens Premier League Results 2010 - Round 20

Round 20

Belconnen United 1 (Caitlin Munoz 11’) Woden Valley 1 (Georgia Yeoman-Dale 43’)
Belwest Foxes 5 (Cian Maciejewski (2, 1 pen), Hope Wilkins, Snez Veljanovska, Kim Crocker) ANU WFC 1 (Aniek Schepens)
Tuggeranong United 4 (Jennifer Malbon, Kate Allen, Julie Ibarra, Freyja Jacobsen) Canberra FC 0
Brindabella Blues 1 (Kelsey Drew) Weston Creek 7 (Aleisha Tupper (3), Kelly Donnelly (2), Jessie Pritchard, Sarah Crittenden)

Mens Premier League Results 2010 - Round 18

Round 18

The last round of the season ended this way, now its on to the finals!

Canberra FC 6 (Alex Castro 32’, 43’, 73’, Danai Gapare 51’, Victor Yanes 71’, Adam Spaleta 77’) Goulburn Strikers 0
Monaro Panthers 1 (James Barac 89’) Belconnen United 2 (Tai Smith 2’, Danny Macor 66’)
Tuggeranong United 0 v ANU FC 0
Woden Valley 1 (Grant Davoren 58’) Canberra Olympic 4 (Travis Dries 2’, Robbie Schroder 38’, 78’, Steve Vanzetti (pen) 45’)
Canberra City 1 (Euan Peterkin 36’) Cooma Tigers 2 (Scott Barsley 46’, Serdan Bircan 70’)

The Table looks like this:

Canberra FC                  41
Belconnen United           39
Cooma Tigers                31
Canberra City                27
Monaro Panthers             26
Canberra Olympic           23
Tuggeranong United        22
Woden Valley                 19
Goulburn Strikers            13
ANU FC                        12

The Golden Boot at the end of the season rounds looks like this:

16 Danny Macor (Belconnen United)
14 Alex Castro (Canberra FC)
13 Dustin Wells (Belconnen United)
12 Misko Naumoski (Canberra City)
10 Michael Spaleta (Canberra FC)
9 Tai Smith (Belconnen United), Brody Willis (Goulburn Strikers), Goran Veljanovski (Monaro Panthers)
8 Mark Shields (Tuggeranong United)
7 Paul Ivanic (Canberra FC), Robbie Schroder (Canberra Olympic), Daniel Gecic (Cooma Tigers), Alex Weber (Tuggeranong United), Daryll Hall (Woden Valley)
6 Adam Spaleta (Canberra FC), Serdan Bircan (Cooma Tigers), Carlos Salazar (Woden Valley)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Womens Premier League Fixtures 2010 - Round 20

Round 20

Sunday, 29 Aug 10

2:00PM Belconnen Utd v Woden Valley McKellar Park
2:00PM Belwest Foxes v ANU WFC Kaleen Enclosed 1
2:00PM Tuggeranong Utd WFC v Canberra FC Kaleen Enclosed 2
2:00PM Brindabella Blues v Weston Creek Calwell 2.3

Mens Premier League Fuxtures 2010 - Round 18 - The Last Round!!!!

Round 18

Sunday,29 Aug 10

3:00PM Woden Valley v Canberra Olympic Woden Park Enclosed
3:00PM Tuggeranong Utd v ANU FC Tuggeranong Enclosed
3:00PM Monaro Panthers v Belconnen Utd Freebody Park
3:00PM Canberra FC v Goulburn Strikers Deakin Stadium
4:00PM Canberra City v Cooma Tigers Hawker Football Centre

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Important Information From CEO Capital Football

The following is available in full on the Capital Football website.

End of Season and Grand Final Events:

Saturday 28
Men’s Divisional final rounds and some semis commence
Sunday 29
Men’s Premier League final rounds
Women’s State League and 035s final rounds

Saturday 4
ActewAGL Junior League final rounds
Men’s Divisional semis and preliminary finals continue
Sunday 5
Men’s Masters semi finals fixtures
Gatorade Men’s Premier Leagues Preliminary Finals
Women's State League semi finals fixtures at Kaleen
Saturday 11
Men’s Divisional Grand Finals at various venues
Sunday 12
Women’s State League grand finals at University of Canberra
The Tradies Women’s Premier League Semi Finals at Kaleen
Men’s Masters Grand Finals at ANU Willows
Gatorade Men's Premier Leagues preliminary finals
Wednesday 15
Grand Final Breakfast for Gatorade MPL and The Tradies WPL teams at The Marathon Room, AIS Belconnen
Saturday 18
ActewAGL Junior League Gala Presentation at Hawker Football Centre 10.00am to 12.00pm
Saturday 18
Gatorade Men’s Premier League grand finals at McKellar Stadium
Sunday 19
The Tradies Women’s Premier League grand finals at Hawker FC

Kick off times and venues for the finals will be in Results Vault on the website when finalised.


Friday 8
Capital Football Annual Presentation of Awards @ The Hellenic Club, Phillip, 6.30 for 6.45pm

Mens Premier League Results 2010 - Round 17

Round 17

Canberra City 5 (Pat Ross-Magee, Misko Naumoski (3), Brad Sawyer) Goulburn Strikers 0
Monaro Panthers 2 (Goran Veljanovski 55’, Vele Dukoski 88’) Woden Valley 4 (Grant Davoren 7’, Daryll Hall 36’, 82’ (pen), Benfah Afiabo 67’)
Canberra FC 1 (Danai Gapare 56’) Canberra Olympic 3 (Trent Flanigan 35’, 55’, Travis Dries 45’)
Belconnen United 4 (Dustin Wells (2), Danny Macor, Tai Smith) ANU FC 1 (Mohsen Ravanparsa)
Cooma Tigers 0 v Tuggeranong United 1 (Daniel Montrey 79’)

The Table (points only) with 17 games played and one round to go:
1 Canberra FC 38
2 Belconnen United 36
3 Cooma Tigers  28
4 Canberra City 27
5 Monaro Panthers  26
6 Tuggeranong United 21
7 Canberra Olympic 20
8 Woden Valley 19
9 Goulburn Strikers 13
10 ANU FC 11

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Ron Smith Interviews - Part 2

This program is broadcast on 2xxfm (98.3mhz), Tuesday 24 August 2010, at 7:00PM across the Australian Community Radio Network.

In tonight's program we have the second part of our interview with Ron Smith, football analyst extraordinaire, Elite level Coach and football national treasure. Ron has been commissioned to review the Capital Football High Performance Program. In this part Ron talks of many things but all central to the development of a talented player and in the context of a high performance program.

You always get the feeling the there is one more damn good story just around the corner when talking with or listening to Ron - and there usually is!

Download Podcast here:

Womens Premier League Results 2010 - Round 19

Round 19

Weston Creek 2 (Sarah Crittenden 60’, 77’) Canberra FC 0
Belconnen United 3 (Caitlin Munoz 26’, Lauren Keir 31’, Ilana Aitchison 47’) Belwest Foxes 1 (Sam Price)
Woden Valley 3 v Tuggeranong United 0
ANU WFC 7 (Sarah Everett (6), Casse Schilg) Brindabella Blues 2 (Heather Casey, Ellen Hearder)

Friday, August 20, 2010

ANU FC Will Not Be Part of the Capital Football Premier League Next Season

Its never good news to hear that a Club has decided not to go on in Football. Much less to report or write about it.

In this case, ANU FC has advised players (and Capital Football) that it will not participate in the Capital Football Premier League at the conclusion of the 2010 season. ANU FC will of course continue in Football, just not in the Premier League competition.

Its very likely that ANU FC would have withdrawn two years ago, had it not been for an inspirational proposal from the John Mitchell (a former Technical Director of Capital Football), titled the "ANU Under 20 Elite Program", which set a new standard for Football participation by Clubs, introducing as he did, a twelve month periodised program for the players. It was a very positive contribution to the conduct of Premier League football in the ACT. John attempted to address the ever present gap for our talented players post ACTAS and without an A League Youth Team. A small number of players did well out of it and others got their chance and that's a lot more than would have happened if he had not made the effort at ANU FC.

The first season (2009) was a good one. Alas, it seems to have been a hard year in 2010 for the ANU FC Premier League PPL and PL teams.

The PL16 and PL18 teams are provided by Radford College, who are now left without a Premier League Club. Whether they continue with a PL club is in the first instance, a matter for the school to decide. But one thing is certain, they have put together good teams every year, a pleasure to watch and a credit to their school.

If you go back on the Nearpost Local Blog to the interviews we conducted with John Mitchell, which covered the "talented player" and the "ANU U20 Elite concept", you quickly realise just how much thought was behind this endeavour. He was right! But being right isn't enough. John and his colleagues worked hard for the players and it must be hard for them to call it a day. No one can doubt John Mitchell's committment to football. He'll be back!

The email that was sent to me (authored by an ANU FC official) summed it this way:
"...The Committee has made this decision following John Mitchell’s decision to stand down from the position of PL Coach and Technical Director. The PL Program in its current form was very much reliant upon John’s skill, experience and enthusiasm. John’s leadership of the program also allowed the club to access sponsorship which had previously been unavailable. In John’s absence the Committee does not believe it can provide the level of resources required to field a competitive PL team..."

There may be some who think that ANU FC can be quickly replaced by a couple of other teams in Canberra. I doubt it. These would be likely to be teams that did not pass muster when the PL review took place in order to award PL licences for 2010 and beyond. Why would you take them on? What's changed in their backyard since the commencement of this season? Not much is the most likely answer. No rush here is my view and perhaps we can get the PL competition up to three rounds!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Futsal, Futsal, Futsal - Capital Football Futsal League Manager Tells Us How It Will All Work For The 2010 / 2011 Season

In this program we speak to David Lee, the Capital Football League Manager, about the full range of competition Futsal to be held in the ACT in the forthcoming 2010 / 2011 season (including the Nationals).

If you want to know how Futsal is organised this season, all the way from Under 5's to ACT Rep Teams for the Nationals, this interview is an absolute must!

I think you will be surprised to learnjust how quickly Futsal has grown in the last five years in the ACT. I asked David how many players participated last season and how many he anticipated would play this season. The Answer:  6,000 (+) players of all ages, no problem! Capital Football manages these competitions directly or through the orgainsing bodies, North and South Canberra Futsal Clubs. A massive task.

This is just enormous! Makes you think. Surely we have some real political clout if you take Football and Futsal as a whole. We dwarf every other sport. Surely there is real good reason for the ACT Government to get moving on new and additional faciltites for both games. Why are we so tame? What is the Capital Football Board doing to advance the cause, or are we going to spend another five years standing around admiring Hawker Enclosed or wishing we had something like the Mpower Dome? Get cracking you lot!

And let's not forget the one Futsal club from the ACT that gained entry to and competed in the NSW Supa League and did outstandingly well - Boomerangs FS. The experience for many of the Boomerangs players that gained selection in ACT Rep teams for the Nationals (and there were a lot of them!) helped their performances at Nationals enormously. There is no doubt that this is the club to join if you want to experience Futsal to a higher competition standard than is available week to week in the ACT.

Futsal is a big game that's getting big quickly!

Registration documentation can be obtained by reference to the following websites:

Capital Football run competitions and Nationals -
Junior Futsal competition in the North of Canberra -
Junior Futsal competition in the South of Canberra -

Boomerangs FS for higher level competition in the NSW Supa League and local Premier League competition -

Download Podcast here:

Mens Premier League Fixtures 2010 - Round 17

Round 17

Saturday, 21 Aug 10

6:00PM Canberra City v Goulburn Strikers Hawker Football Centre

Sunday, 22 Aug 10

3:00PM ANU FC v Belconnen Utd ANU North Oval 1
3:00PM Canberra FC v Canberra Olympic Deakin Stadium
3:00PM Cooma Tigers v Tuggeranong Utd Nijong Oval
3:00PM Monaro Panthers v Woden Valley Riverside Stadium

Womens Premier League Fixtures 2010 - Round19

Round 19

Sunday, 22 Aug 10

2:00PM Belconnen Utd v Belwest Foxes McKellar Park
2:00PM ANU WFC v Brindabella Blues ANU Willows 1
2:00PM Weston Creek v Canberra FC Woden Park Enclosed
2:00PM Tuggeranong Utd WFC v Woden Valley Kambah 2-1

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cheating Is Spoiling the “Beautiful Game”

I've watched several instances of this miserable behaviour in the last three Capital Football Men's Premier League games I have watched. It is truly pathetic behaviour. I've not seen one red card handed out for it yet and some of the incidents were pretty hard too miss.

Sourced from

Cheating Is Spoiling the “Beautiful Game”

Well, it’s finally got to the stage where I have to say something. I am steadily losing my respect for the “Beautiful Game”. I am finding it difficult to enjoy watching any soccer game lately…including these World Cup games. Actually, when I think about it, it’s been bothering me for years and I suppose it has finally reached a tipping point.

I’ve had just about enough of the diving, play acting and pretending by most of the world’s top players. Let’s be clear about this, it is dishonest, it is cheating. And it is spoiling the game.

I can’t think of one game I have seen on TV in the English Premier League, Champions League, World Cup and Euro Championships, in the last 5 years where there hasn’t been a plethora of diving and play acting. Players will fake a dive in the box in the hope of being awarded a penalty kick…cheating. Players will fake being hit in the face (Kaka incident) to get other players red carded…cheating. Players will appeal to the ref for a corner or throw-in when they know for a fact, they last touched the ball before it went out…cheating. Players will roll over 3-4 times on the ground pretending to be in agony when they were barely touched and not hurt…cheating.

This cheating is pervasive in soccer and it seems more so the higher the level of play. It is ruining the beautiful game and I am losing respect for it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mens Premier League Wrap at the end of Round 16

How they stand at the end of Round 16
 (Two rounds left)
Team                         Played                           Points

1 Canberra FC             16                               38
2 Belconnen United     16                              33
3 Cooma Tigers            16                              28
4 Monaro Panthers      16                              26
5 Canberra City           15                             24
6 Canberra Olympic     16                                17
7 Woden Valley           16                                16
8 Tuggeranong United  15                                15
9 Goulburn Strikers      16                                13
10 ANU FC                16                                11

The Golden Boot at the end of Round 16:

14 Danny Macor (Belconnen United)
11 Dustin Wells (Belconnen United), Alex Castro (Canberra FC)
10 Michael Spaleta (Canberra FC)
9 Misko Naumoski (Canberra City), Brody Willis (Goulburn Strikers)
8 Goran Veljanovski (Monaro Panthers), Mark Shields (Tuggeranong United)
7 Tai Smith (Belconnen United), Paul Ivanic (Canberra FC), Daniel Gecic (Cooma Tigers), Alex Weber (Tuggeranong United)
6 Carlos Salazar (Woden Valley)

Womens Premier League 2010 Wrap at the End of Round 18

How they stand at the end of Round 18:
(Three rounds left)

Team                        Played          Points

1 Belwest Foxes           17               45
2 Woden Valley            17               43
3 Belconnen United    18                31
4 Weston Creek            18                25
5 Canberra FC              17                23
6 Tuggeranong U           18               16
7 ANU WFC                18               15
8 Brindabella Blues        17                0
The Golden Boot at the end of Round 18

26 Caitlin Munoz (Belconnen United)
22 Ashleigh Palombi (Woden Valley)
21 Cian Maciejewski (Belwest Foxes)
19 Hope Wilkins (Belwest Foxes))
13 Julie Ibarra (Tuggeranong United)
11 Aurelia Bullot (Canberra FC)
9 Snez Veljanovska (both Belwest Foxes)
8 Sabrina Spinapolice (Belconnen United), Grace Field (Woden Valley)

Mens Premier League Results 2010 - Round 16

Round 16

Belconnen United 1 (Dustin Wells 42’) Canberra FC 2 (John Glass 77’, Paul Ivanic 85’)
Goulburn Strikers 0 v ANU FC 0
Cooma Tigers 3 (Serdan Bircan 5’, Daniel Gecic 46’, 50’) Woden Valley 0
Canberra Olympic 0 v Monaro Panthers 2 (Justin Selkirk (2))
Tuggeranong United v Canberra Citypostponed due to unsafe pitch

Womens Premier League Results 2010 - Round 18

Round 18

Woden Valley 3 (Emma Thornton 8’ (pen), Catherine Brown 49’, Ashleigh Palombi 78’) Belwest Foxes 1 (Cian Maciejewski 4’)
Brindabella Blues 1 (Kim Simpson 3’) Belconnen United 9 (Caitlin Munoz 15’, 21’, 43’, 70’, Katie Woodman 23’, 76’, Amy Spence 35’, Maja Blasch 83’, Ilahna Aitchison 85’)
Canberra FC 0 v ANU WFC 0
Weston Creek 1 (Amanda Aurousseau 20’) Tuggeranong United 0

Interview With Ron Smith - Part 1

This program is broadcast on 2xxfm (98.3), Tuesday 17 August 2010 across the Australian Community Radio Network.

Tonight’s program is the first in a four part series of interviews with Australian Football Sage and national treasure, Ron Smith. Ron has done the lot in football and on a world stage – player, elite level coach and football analyst of world class. Some call him the “brain’s trust” – not a bad title for this bloke.

Ron has been engaged by Capital Football to review our HPP. It couldn’t be in better hands.

When Ron comes calling to speak on the HPP or you reckon you have something that needs saying, do it. You’ll have a made a contribution to our young players, present and future.

Download Podcast here:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Interview With Ron Smith - Football Coach, Analyst, Socceroos Technical Advisor and the Person to Conduct the Review of the Capital Football HPP

Listen in next Tuesday at 7:00PM to 2xxfm, or go to this Blogspot and download the podcast or listen from your PC, to Part 1 of an absolutely fascinating and candid interview with eminent Australian Football Coach and football analyst, Ron Smith.

Ron Smith has been appointed to conduct the review of the Capital Football High Performance Program.

As they say "he's been everywhere man"! An absolute treasure chest of football knowledge and experience. He was on staff at the AIS the day they opened for business in the football program. And that's just the start!
The best part is that Ron just tells it the way he sees it. He doesn't blow his trumpet - but if you ask him a question, you get an answer. This is a person really worth listening to.

I reckon they should lock this bloke away in the national archives, set up a recording facility and just let him talk, it would take a while because he knows so damn much, been right in the thick of it - what a terrific history of Australian football would unfold and so much wisdom to reflect on in future years. One of our own! I'm thinking to myself - Ron Smith "National Football Treasure"!

We sat down in the 2xxfm studio this week and the intention was to talk about the task ahead - review of the HPP. Its been a pretty mixed bag the CFAcademy then the CF HPP in recent times in the ACT. Two hours later we stopped talking, we had covered the subject, not in the predictable, boring way of things, but in a fashion that seemed to me at every turn to illustrate the breadth and width of Ron Smith's football knowledge and experience. We flagged several topics that we will speak about at a future time. My head was spinning at times - so many questions to ask of Ron.

Ron Smith understands the complexities around Football and talented players better than anyone I have met in football before and make no mistake - he wants the best we can get for young Australians and are young talent in the ACT region. The review is in good hands.

Don't miss the "Ron Smith" series on the Nearpost Local.

Mens Premier League Fixtures 2010 - Round 16

Round 16

Saturday 14 Aug 10

6:00PM Belconnen Utd v Canberra FC McKellar Park

Sunday 15 Aug 10

3:00PM Goulburn Strikers v ANU FC Cookbundoon
3:00PM Tuggeranong Utd v Canberra City Kambah 2-1
3:00PM Cooma Tigers v Woden Valley Nijong Oval
5:00PM Canberra Olympic v Monaro Panthers Hawker Football Centre

Womens Premier League Fixtures 2010 - Round18

Round 18

Sunday 15 Aug 10

2:00PM Woden Valley v Belwest Foxes Woden Park Enclosed
2:00PM Brindabella Blues v Belconnen Utd Calwell 2.3
2:00PM Canberra FC v ANU WFC Uni Canb. 1
2:00PM Weston Creek v Tuggeranong Utd WFC ANU Willows 1

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CEO Capital Football Talks Futsal, The Problems of Not Enough Grounds for Football and the Demands on Talented Players for the NYC / ACTAS / Australian School Sports

This program is broadcast on 2xxfm (98.3mhz), Tuesday at 7:00PM across the Australian Community Radio Network.

The CEO Captial Football talks about the major impediment to the development of Football as a whole of the year sport - insufficient exclusively controlled quality playing surfaces. Then it's an update on Futsal for the 2010 / 2011 season (including selection for the Nationals) and the Futsal landscape is certainly going to change in the ACT. We close with a very interesting perspective on the conflciting demands on our talented players and of course, the appalling cost that is incurred by parents with talented players. The National Youth Champonship tournaments for U15G, U17G, U14B and U15B is already a concern - the number of games to be played is too small in number for the cost and time away, and significantly, the Technical Asssessment compenent that featured so prominently and sucessfully in the U13G and U13B earlier this year (and also the NTC Challenge), was scrapped (for lack of interests??????) by the FFA for the U15G and U17G held recently. If its reinstated, what does that say about Womens' Football - that the FFA thinks its second rate? Is that it? Shame on them if it is. There is no excuse good enough!

We close with a short description by Clive Mackillop, ACT State Coach of Referees, on the difference between "Serious Foul Play" and "Violent Conduct".

Next week the NPL will do a "Futsal Special", including an interview with Capital Football Futsal League Manager, David Lee. Don't miss it!

Download the Podcast here:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mens Premier League Results 2010 - Round

Round 15

Belconnen United 1 (Dustin Wells 20’) Canberra City 1 (David Dexter 86’)
Monaro Panthers 0 v Cooma Tigers 1 (Serdan Bircan 55’)
Woden Valley 1 (Lukas Cole 34’) Canberra FC 6 (Alex Castro 11’, 55’, Stephen Lee 29’, Guuven Can 43’, 50’, Adam Adhami 90’)
Goulburn Strikers 1 (Antipas Ojwang 90+2’) Tuggeranong United 2 (Mark Shields 65’, 88’)
Canberra Olympic 1 (Robbie Shroder 23’) ANU FC 1 (Tom Rogic 77’)

Womens Premier League Results 2010 - Round 17

Round 17

Canberra FC 0 v Belconnen United 2 (Caitlin Munoz 67’, 80’)
Belwest Foxes 9 (Cian Maciejewski (4), Snez Veljanovska (3), Katrina Staniforth (2)) v Brindabella Blues 0
ANU WFC 1 (Sarah Everett 34’) Tuggeranong United 1 (Annica Schoo 73’)
Woden Valley 1 (own goal 10’) Weston Creek 0

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's time to learn how to defend!

This sourced from

If there is one problem that besets junior / youth teams it is their inability to defend. Too many coaches simply don't seem to know how to coach it and don't coach this aspect of the game. It catches up with the players and team performance suffers.

This might help.

It's time to learn how to defend!
Surrounding an opposition attacker with most of your team is a pretty effective defensive tactic when your players are four, five or six years of age.
But as players get older, and a little wiser, it becomes less effective. A defender who used to win 95% of tackles by simply running at an attacker and taking the ball by force, suddenly finds the ball is being passed around them and into the back of the net.
If this is happening to your defenders, you need to explain that a little more subtlety is required. It's also time to show them that they need to work together if they are to stop the other team from scoring.

Before moving on to the nuts and bolts of team defending, let's demystify the jargon.

First defender - The player on your team who is nearest to the opposition player with the ball (the ball carrier).

Second defender - The player on your team who is next nearest to the ball carrier.

Third defender - This is a bit of a misnomer. The third defender isn't one player, but all of your players (apart from the first and second defender) who are between the ball carrier and your goal.

Mens Premier League Ladder Update

An NPL listener has kindly give us some additional imformation and the situation at the end of Round 14 is as follows:

Canberra FC                   14      32
Belconnen United             14     32
Monaro Panthers             14      23
Cooma Tigers                  14      22
Canberra City                  13      22
Canberra Olympic           14      16
Woden Valley                 13      15
Goulburn Strikers            14      12
Tuggeranong United        14      12
ANU FC                        14        9

The top two teams are separated by for / against, and there is one game still to be played (10 Aug10). The rest is as previoulsy reported - the big question - who will be the third and foruth placed teams for the finals?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mens Premier League Ladder

This is how it is at the end of Round 14!

This is a very close run for five teams, games in hand and each  now depending on results to favour them from other games. Who will be in third and forth position - that's the question!

Canberra FC               14    32
Belconnen Utd             13    29
Monaro Panthers         14    23
Cooma Tigers              14    22
Canberra City              13    22
Canberra Olympic       14    16
Woden Valley             13    15
Goulburn Strikers        13    12
Tuggeranong Utd         14     12
ANU FC                    14      9

Womens Premier League Ladder

This is how it is at the end of Round 16!

First number is games played and the second is total points. Three points separate three teams for thrid and fourth place! Who will it be?

Belwest Foxes                 15    42
Woden Valley                 15    37
Belconnen Utd                16    25
Weston Creek                16     22
Canberra FC                  15     22
Tuggeranong Utd WFC  16     15
ANU WFC                     16     13
Brindabella Blues            15      0

Womens Premier League Fixtures 2010 - Round 17

Round 17

Sunday, 8 Aug 10

2:00PM Canberra FC v Belconnen Utd Kaleen Enclosed 2
2:00PM Belwest Foxes v Brindabella Blues Kaleen Enclosed 1
2:00PM ANU WFC v Tuggeranong Utd WFC ANU Willows 1
2:00PM Weston Creek v Woden Valley ANU Willows 2

Mens Premier League Fixtures 2010 - Round 15

Round 15

Saturday, 7 Aug 10
6:00PM Belconnen Utd v Canberra City McKellar Park 

Sunday, 8 Aug 10
3:00PM Woden Valley v Canberra FC Woden Park Enclosed
3:00PM Monaro Panthers v Cooma Tigers Riverside Stadium
3:00PM Goulburn Strikers v Tuggeranong Utd Cookbundoon
5:00PM Canberra Olympic v ANU FC Hawker Football Centre

Tuesday, 10 Aug 10
7:00PM Woden Valley v Canberra City Hawker Football Centre

Summary of 2010 Changes to Futsal Laws of the Game

This is a must read for all Futsal players and Coaches!

Capital Football advise the following:
Summary of 2010 Changes to Futsal Laws of the Game

This document is aimed at providing a quick reference guide for players, coaches, team officials and venue managers with regard to the changes made to the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game – 2010, based on the 2008.
Many of the changes bring some of the philosophy of football to futsal. This should enable football players to more easily adapt when moving to futsal. This document was created by NSW Futsal Referees Association (Scott Kidson) and endorsed by the Futsal National Coach, Geoff McGuiness.


1. The match is now allowed to start when both teams have three or more players

A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than three players.

To have the Futsal Laws of the Game consistent with those of football a match can be started with the minimum number of players required to continue a match. Should a team have less than three fit players at any time during the match, the match is abandoned.

2. The sliding tackle has been made legal

This means that a sliding tackle is assessed in the same way as any other challenge. If a sliding tackle is careless, reckless, or carried out with excessive force, it is a direct free kick (and disciplinary sanction where appropriate). Any tackle that endangers the safety of an opponent should be sanctioned as serious foul play.

It is always good to remind players that "getting the ball" alone is not enough for a tackle (any type of tackle) to be considered safe. The referee is obliged to assess if the way in which the tackle was carried out, including actions that follow contact with the ball. If an on-ball tackle is followed up with the player continuing on through the opponent, the referee can consider the challenge to be careless, reckless or excessively forceful.

3. The ball crossing half-way does not allow the goalkeeper to touch it again now

Fouls penalised with an indirect free kick
An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a goalkeeper commits any of the following four offences:
• controls the ball with his hands or feet in his own half of the pitch for more than four seconds
• touches the ball again in his own half of the pitch after it has been deliberately kicked to him by a team-mate without an opponent playing or touching it
• touches the ball with his hands inside his own penalty area after it has been deliberately kicked to him by a team-mate
• touches the ball with his hands inside his own penalty area after he has received it directly from a kick-in taken by a team-mate

Infringements and sanctions
If the ball is in play and the goalkeeper touches the ball again (except with his hands) before it has touched an opponent (except if it has accidentally touched another player in his team):
• an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team, to be taken from the place where the infringement occurred (see Law 13 - Position of free kick)

The goalkeeper cannot receive the ball back in his own half, in general play or after a goal clearance, unless it has touched an opponent. It is allowed for the goalkeeper to receive the ball deliberately in the opponent’s half before it has been touched by an opposing player.

CEO Capital Talks About the HPP Review, Men's State League Review, Summer 20s and Women's Football and Canberra United

This program is broadcast on 2xxfm (98.3mhz), Tuesday 27 July 2010 at 7:00PM through the Australian Community Radio Network.

In this program we have a "fireside chat" with Heather Ried, CEO Capital Football. There is always a lot going on in Football and Futsal and Capital Football has a lot of "footballs in the air"!

The subjects covered are the Review of the High Performance Program and who is going to undertake this sensitive assignment, the Review of the Men's State League Competition, forthcoming Summer 20s, and Women's Football in the ACT and Canberra United.

But that's only one half of the interview!

In the second installment, which will be made available through the Nearposl Local as a Podcast, Heather will speak on other very important matters - the broadening of the Captial Football Futsal Premier League to include youth mens and womens, together with an very innovative approach to the selection of junior age ACT Futsal teams to compete at the Nationals in 2011. There is a review in progress covering the Discipline and Disputes regulations and finally, a very interesting discussion on the key resource issue currently limiting the development of football in the ACT region - the availability of suitable grounds - all the year. No grounds, no growth and less development and a game that is expanding!

Download Pocast here:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Womens Premier League Results 2010 - Round 16

Round 16

Tuggeranong United 0 v Belconnen United 3 (Caitlin Munoz 25’, 54’, 88’)
Weston Creek 2 (Kelly Donnelly 16’, Jacinta Holcroft 18’) ANU WFC 2 (Bronwyn Tulloh 23’, 34’)

Mens Premier League Results 2010 - Round 14

Round 14

Belconnen United 3 (Danny Macor 5’, 8’, Dustin Wells 85’) Goulburn Strikers 1 (Josh Phelps 80’)
Canberra FC 1 (Adam Spaleta 67’) Cooma Tigers 0
Monaro Panthers 5 (Nathan Walker 31’, David Baillie 48’, Vele Dukoski 64’, 85’, Goran Veljanovski 76’) ANU FC 2 (own goal 83’, Tom McLachlan 86’)
Canberra Olympic 2 (own goal 44’, Oliver Wiederkehr 84’) Tuggeranong United 3 (Mark Shields 55’, 87’, Daniel Beaumont 75’)